8 BIT Rootsystem explores the intersections of analog and digital, nature and the artificial. Using fabricated motion graphics of a biological root system sketch, this piece investigates the tension and cohesion created when these two worlds are combined. The generation of light driven by sound cues is an extension of some of my earlier work in Spectral Vibrations.


I am new to the projection mapping world, and working with a new logic model and program took a bit of getting used to. To generate the graphics, I used a combination of AfterEffects Plug Ins and TrapCode Plug Ins. The leaves run through a color cycle which is driven by the sound of rainfall. This was effect was generated using the TrapCode Plug In Soundkeys. The roots are driven by the sound of lightning using the same function. The projection mapping was done using a program called Millumin. Due to the fragile nature of my sculpture, I had to adjust the Millumin Map every time I installed the piece. 

Projection Example 2.jpg


8BIT Root System

After effects renders:

These are the two source files that I mapped to my object.

Credit List:

Concept, Graphics, and Sculpture: Victoria Wells

Music: Cider by Groundislava

Production Assistant: Joseph Wells