In Collaboration with United Way, Apano, Adelante Mujeres, and Black Parents Initiative, #EveryoneIn is a community research initiative that explores modes of sharing for low-income parents in isolation. Through a series of interviews, the EveryoneIn team collected qualitative data to inform possible solutions for this wicked problem. 

ideation + synthesis

During the ideation phase, we created a series of questions that would effectively dig into the topics of community, sharing, and technology. Questions were designed to make the participants feel as comfortable as possible while sharing details about their experiences and lives. 

Our synthesis process involved the combination of 12 qualitative interviews. We collected relevant P.O.I.N.T.S from each conversation and synthesized our data into actionable solutions. 

research activities

Participants were encouraged to engage in a variety of activities to provide insight into the importance of community and the potential to share resources.