Interactive Turntable

in collaboration with Joseph Wells

The Interactive Turntable Sequencer is a concept piece that engages audiences of all ages, forcing them to question recorded audio, engage with taboo objects, and explore music composition through play. The piece is designed to be welcoming to non-musicians and musicians alike, and evens the playing field trough experimental applications. 

user experience

Participants encounter a paper "record" and a prompt inviting them to draw their song through shapes and patterns. Those familiar with records are taken out of their comfort zone, and those unfamiliar feel more comfortable engaging. The turntable encourages thoughtful exploration through engaging play and allows for immediate satisfaction as the "recorded pieces" are playable on the device. 


During the prototyped opening, users were invited to share their creations on instagram using te hashtag #turntablesequencer. Audience members were delighted to share what they had made and offered thoughtful critiques on how to make the piece more inviting. In a second iteration, the turntable will look more friendly so it will be inviting without a facilitator prompting people to engage.

High Quality Video coming soon...