Mirror Project

Mirror Project is an experimental installation that explores the relationship between a person, their mirror and, self identity.

the idea:

Growing up, many people develop a relationship with mirrors. From early childhood, children recognize their reflection as themselves, and integrate this into their development of "self." A person's bond with a mirror is typically very private. It is often viewed in a secluded space, be it a bathroom, dressing room, or bedroom, and is often used as a tool to judge the self and asses self-worth. In this experiment, a person will encounter their reflection, but will be exposed to a different version of their image that is out of their control. 

the setup:

  • This project will be installed in a small room with four walls and a door. The user will enter the space, close the door and be face to face with a "mirror". There will be a face mapping camera that will track the users face movements in real time. A projector mounted overhead will then run through a series of programs, altering the user's face and projecting that image on top of the reflection in the "mirror". The user will then take note of their emotional response to each of the created expressions and alterations created by the program.