By hacking a common tool and medium, paint.IR allows the user to explore the art of spray painting with a new-media twist. Featured at Portland's Winter Light Festival, visitors were invited to spray paint light onto OMSI walls, exploring their creativity, collaborating with others, and contributing their work to the wonderful collection presented in the festival.


The build out process consisted of three parts. 

  • Coding: Using open-frameworks, infrared lights, and a kinect 3D camera, the base code for this piece tracked high powered infrared LED's in two dimensions.
  • Fabrication: In order to disguise and protect the kinect 3D camera, we constructed a water proof housing, capable of withstanding installation wear and tear. 
  • Graphics: Once the base code and the fabrication were finished, we focused on the graphics. The graphics are fully customizable. For this space, we created graphics that mimic the viscosity and vibrancy of spray paint, with the addition of an alpha glow reminiscent of Ghost-Busters slime. 

credit list:

Creative Director: Victoria Wells

Developer: Joseph Wells

Music: Joseph Wells + Victoria Wells