the long view

Video and documentation coming soon...

The Long View engages the viewer by approaching the controversial topic of Climate Change from a different perspective. Rather than attack the spectator with shocking numbers and aggressive, The Long View uses alternative mediums to facilitate thought and encourage observers to re-evaluate their viewpoints. 

A mixed media show, the Long View includes works in the following mediums:

  • Monotype
  • Painting
  • Bullshit Index
  • Video + Sound Installation
  • Mixed Media Video Collage


Role: Curation, Installation, Contributing Artist


I contributed S(mother), a mixed media installation, to the Long View exhibition. The following is the imagery and sound that was projected onto the floor and the accompanying artist statement.

Using motion graphics, found sound, and projection, S(mother) traverses the consequences of human action and its effects on our climate. 

The insidious hands of climate change are slowly strangling our beloved planet. It is disturbing the resilience of our earth, our oceans, and our air. We have the power to do something about it. It’s time to make a change. 

S(mother) loops through an experimental view of our environmental destruction. The sound corresponds to some of the many contributing factors. The transportation and shipping industry contribute to the destruction of our earth. The run off and pollution from factory farms contribute to the destruction of our sea. The factory emissions from both creative and commercial organizations contribute to the pollution of our air. Some of the offenders remain unaware of the harmful effects their work has on the environment.

Make a change in your life. Fight for change in your community.