What follows is a collection of early work when I began my exploration of experimental media. Here you will find animations, musical compositions, and experimental film.

Experimental composition

Creating experimental music through alternative mediums

Adventure - a short piece written for oboe and cello

The piece creates an auditory narrative, as it was written with video games in mind. 

Kingdom - a three part chamber piece written for oboe, violin, and cello

Written for a video game and performed by the Cygnus Ensemble in Westchester, NY

Minimal Layers - written for and performed on synthesizers

This piece was created using visual rather than auditory patterns. The result is a piece in which overlapping sequences provides moments of peace and moments of discord.

performance projections

Play  in space


A narrative short using cut-out and sand animation, accompanied by minimalist sound

day dream

March fourth


It's easy to edit yourself into someone else's life